60 Awesome Red Hair Color Ideas

60 Awesome Red Hair Color Ideas (34)

Redheads stand out – in a good way. Red hair is rare and super sexy. Are you a redhead? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover the best styling and picture for a perfect, right here. Before this year, going red felt off limits. Even though platinum requires a ton of bleach and rainbow is a multistep process, becoming a redhead always felt like the most extreme hair color transformation possible. Whether it’s because people were too scared, too nervous, or just simply fixed on the color they already had, most of us never really considered dyeing our hair red. Because many redheads naturally have beautiful thick hair, short hairstyles like the pixie-cut work exceptionally well. But there are a few other hairstyles that are also perfect for redheads.

In other words, dyed red hair isn’t exactly a low-maintenance or subtle choice for fall — but, boy, is it beautiful. Ready to find the perfect red for you? Ahead, this is summer 60 awesome red hair color trends you can expect to see this year.

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