Have you ever noticed how many bootie options are out there? Pointed or rounded tip, high shaft or short shaft, leather or suede, block heel or stiletto heel? There are hundreds, not thousands, of different options. So how do I know which type of bootie to wear? Even though there are no hard and fast rules, there are some guidelines that I follow that help me when I am considering wearing boots.

Finding out what makes booties work and why I want to focus on today’s posts. But to answer fully, I want to talk about all the bootie styles that are there – at least the popular ones. Because figuring out how to wear boots has a lot to do with what type of clothing you are trying to wear.

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I go back and forth on how to organize these posts – do I want to talk about the different characteristics of booties and how to design each one or whether to start with clothes and talk about which booties work with each style.

I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that this blog post helps serve your style needs in any way!

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