44 Best hairstyle ideas that will give medium hair a new lease of life

44 Best hairstyle ideas that will give medium hair a new lease of life (25)

Medium-length hair is usually known as the most universal hair. When your hair is too long to count as a pixie cut, yet too short to earn you a spot in the Guinness World Records book, you’re in the ideal zone for trying out virtually every single hairstyle in existence. The number of ideas is infinite — all you need to do is turn on your imagination and start creating.

To get you started on your new life of excellent hair days, check out our favorite, ahead. Check out the shots below for some hairstyle inspo, and don’t be afraid to give one or two tries. Pin the rest for later, or challenge yourself to a new look every day!

65 Awesome Blue Hair Color Ideas

65 Awesome Blue Hair Color Ideas (4)

The On-Trend Summer blue Hair Color. Trying a new hair color is a recurring theme for summer. By the time beer gardens are open and summer Fridays commence, it seems as though all of us feel just confident enough to try a daring shade of blue. But this time around, Let’s start April 2019 by coloring hair in subtle blue. Almost all the day the mogul trend of his life spawns, we estimate that this special color of blue hair will be seen throughout Instagram in the coming weeks.

So if you’re thinking of doing a drastic colour change, blue might be the way to go. You can pick a shade that feels most you: Sky blue, midnight, teal, denim. As long as it’s blue, you’re doing it right.

60 Awesome Red Hair Color Ideas

60 Awesome Red Hair Color Ideas (34)

Redheads stand out – in a good way. Red hair is rare and super sexy. Are you a redhead? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover the best styling and picture for a perfect, right here. Before this year, going red felt off limits. Even though platinum requires a ton of bleach and rainbow is a multistep process, becoming a redhead always felt like the most extreme hair color transformation possible. Whether it’s because people were too scared, too nervous, or just simply fixed on the color they already had, most of us never really considered dyeing our hair red. Because many redheads naturally have beautiful thick hair, short hairstyles like the pixie-cut work exceptionally well. But there are a few other hairstyles that are also perfect for redheads.

In other words, dyed red hair isn’t exactly a low-maintenance or subtle choice for fall — but, boy, is it beautiful. Ready to find the perfect red for you? Ahead, this is summer 60 awesome red hair color trends you can expect to see this year.

100 Best Easy Hairstyles Ideas

100 Best Easy Hairstyles Ideas (82)

When you’re short on time, it can be tempting to just give up and throw your hair up in a struggle bun. If you’re headed to the gym or running a weekend errand, go for it. If you’re headed to work or an event that requires more effort, however, there are ways to look more put-together that are equally as easy as a topknot. And, as a major plus, all of them can be done en route, whether you’re at a stoplight, on a train, or even walking to work. Check out our favorites, in bottom. Here are surprisingly simple yet super-chic hairstyles for the girl who just can’t be bothered.

Don’t sweat it because we are here to help you out with these 100 best easy hairstyles that you can recreate yourself!

10 Cool Crazy Hair Color Ideas

10 Cool Crazy Hair Color Ideas (2)

Instagram is good for a lot of things keeping up with celebrities, finding new items of clothing to covet, helping decide what to have for breakfast… But there’s another reason we log on: beauty inspiration. Today, we’re taking inventory of all the crazy cool hair color ideas and trends that fill up our daily feeds.

There are subtle swipes of color, then there are all out mermaid inspired rainbow looks. Both approaches (and everything in between) are covered in this roundup of hair color ideas. See 10 of the most inspiring hair color snaps we could find above.

10 Best Brunettes Hair Color Ideas

10 Best Brunettes Hair Color Ideas (9)

If you believe brunettes have more fun, you might think there’s no way to change up your look blondes can be platinum, dirty blonde, and more, but brown hair is just… brown. Right?

Wrong. There are actually tons of ways to dye your hair and keep your brunette base, from balayage to glazes to the fan-favorite ombre fade. Below, check out our favorite hair color ideas for brunettes, from natural blends to crazy pops of color. Don’t forget to pin to your inspo boards for your next salon appointment.